• All food scraps including but not limited to: fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy, processed foods, eggshells, bones, seafood shells, coffee grounds, tea & tea bags
  • All yard waste and non-diseased houseplants
  • Non-glossy paper, non-glossy cardboard, paper towels, paper bags, paper packaging, newspaper, napkins, tissues, coffee filters, non-dyed cardboard egg cartons (remove all stickers & tape)
  • BPI certified products
  • Plastic and plastic lined products
  • Glass, metal, ceramic, styrofoam
  • Any items lined with foil or wax
  • Clothing and textiles
  • Treated wood, coal, ash
  • Produce stickers & tape
  • Human or animal waste, cat litter

To keep your can clean, we recommend using BPI certified composable bags, placing a piece a cardboard on the bottom of the cart to soak up the liquids or simply rinsing it with a hose every couple of weeks.

Yes, simply give us a call to request a clean can, but there is a $10 fee for this. 

You will receive your pick-up schedule when we drop off your bin. 

However, as our business grows your collection day may change. We will notify you of any changes to your pick-up schedule.

If you are unsure of your pick-up schedule, please call us at: 406-603-0114.

We ask that you try to take good care of your can as this helps us keep our costs low. But, if your can is damaged please call and request a new one. 

*We can replace the lid and the wheels without replacing the entire bin, so please specify how your can is damaged when you call.

The BPI certification is critical because it is currently the only certification that guarantees the product is safe to be composted. If the product appears compostable, but doesn’t not have the BPI certification its best not to put it in your compost bin because it may contain harmful materials such as PFAS which are ‘forever chemicals’ that negatively impact soil health and in turn our health.

We are a commercial composter, which means we can process a greater variety of material more quickly because of our machinery and because our compost piles exceed 120 F. In traditional backyard composting, you typically cannot compost things such as meat, dairy, BPI certified products, etc. because it doesn’t get hot enough and because it can attract dangerous wildlife. Therefore, the benefit of our service is you can divert a greater variety of waste from entering the landfill with ease.

You will receive your $5 off on your next bill. If you don’t see the discount please give us a call.