About Us

Who We Are

The vision for Better Roots Composting grew from our innate desire to protect and preserve the amazing state we live in, Montana.

Our team is specifically dedicated to the diversion of waste through the process of recycling organic matter or composting. We determined that composting was the best and most natural way for us to help meet Helena’s Zero Waste Goals and build back Montana soil, better.

Why it Matters

The EPA estimates that Americans discard over 63.1 million tons of food waste each year and over 22% of landfill waste is organic material. This is environmentally problematic because when landfilled organic material breaks down it produces methane due to the lack of oxygen inherent to landfills. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas which significantly contributes to climate change.

Furthermore, when organic material is unnecessarily discarded, the nutrients from the material never return back to the soil where they belong. This is one of the reasons why soil around the world is becoming increasingly nutrient deficient which directly impacts the nutritional value of our food. 

However, when organic material is properly composted, it doesn’t simply neutralize its environmental impact, it enhances it. Amending soil with compost re-builds the nutrient profile, which results in healthier and more nutritious foods. These healthier foods can also better resist disease, withstand harsher climates, and thus reduce the need for excess fertilizers and herbicides.This is why Better Roots Composting is determined to shift the paradigm and make composting standard practice, in order to preserve our land and our health.

Who We Serve

We currently provide curbside composting to those in the Helena, Montana Regional Area which includes: Helena, East Helena, Helena Valley, Winston, Unionville, Canyon Ferry, Birdseye and Montana City.

For those outside the regions listed above, we offer drop-off services.

Sign-up for our composting services today so you too can contribute to a more sustainable tomorrow. Please don’t hesitate to call us with any questions, we are extremely flexible.